Films - “They Shall Not Pass!”

As an historical event, The Battle of Cable Street has been interpreted in many different ways by many different people, raising issues such as: racism, discrimination, economic and political ideologies, degrees of tolerance, freedom of speech, personal identity and expression.

Here are six films produced during Film For Humanity’s inaugural workshop “They Shall Not Pass!” - marking the 70th anniversary of, and inspired by, The Battle of Cable Street.

For most of the aspiring filmmakers involved, this was not only the first time they had made a film, but also the first time they had handled professional broadcast equipment.

The films can be viewed with Quicktime 7, which you can download free here: quicktime

Please be patient, the films may take a minute or two to load:

Life’s A Bench (2m50s) by Helen Ejindu, Zeena Zakaria, Amit Gicelter and Nasim Karegar

Reclaim The Streets (7m45s) by Nick Goldman, David Alamouti, Benjamin Lee & Stassie Mafema

Caught In The Net (3m55s) by Helen Ejindu, Zeena Zakaria, Amit Gicelter and Nasim Karegar

Intake (6m35s) by Anthony Lee and Rashpal Saini

Public Information Broadcast (6m20s) by Ann-Eve Fillenbaum

H2O (8m30s) by Imran Yusuf and Towfiqul Haque

You can also see two short films from the workshop by the co-directors of Film For Humanity:

Cable Street In Context (5m20s)

Behind The Scenes (6m50s)